welcome to my country (sooo funny)

Joke Of The Day: Welcome To Nigeria My Country 

(1) Where ladies don’t accept flowers
for valentine or birthday gift.

(2) Where lizards go look your eyeball,nod head and say “notin dey happen guy”

(3) Where a blind beggar will reject a fake naira note.

(4) Where Groundnuts are sold in BOTTLES & WATER is sold in SATCHETS.

(5) Where parents claim they always came first position in school.


(6) Where You Can Be A Driver For Years Without A ‘DRIVER’s LICENCE’


(7) Where the Presidents and other government officials don’t know national anthem.


(8) Where the govt dont give a hoot about


(9) Where Gala and Lacasera is d best
option wen stuck in hold up.


(10) Where you are jailed for stealing Maggi and given a chieftancy title for
stealing millions and Front row seat in church

(11) Where we fight for everything. To gain admission to university, to get a job and to enter a bus!


(12) Where u are robbed ofyour phone and the robbers come back for your Pin code n charger.


(13) Where politicians use big
unnecessary grammar to scam people.


(14) Where your type of GENERATOR shows how RICH you are.


(15) Where you can easily blame your unsuccessfulnes on family members in the village.


(16) Where rich men must have a pot belly, and a healthy looking Man is despised in the street as a pauper




(18) Where generator is a social


(19) Where people dey collect change for beggar hand.


(20) Where igbo men produce Toyota camry jeans and Dr. Dre slippers


(21) Where the man who had no shoes is the president.


(22. where bb torch is sold on hold up for 12k.


(23) Where Igbo men drink beer with straw and coke with cup


(24) Where a 60-yr-old grandpa is a National youth leader of PDP

(25) Where citizens are more afraid of Police than Armed robbers.


(26) Where i am still proud to be a nigerian.


(27) where xconvict becomes Governor of a state & a true loyal citizen cannot stand in front of state house.

(28)where you will see this post and wont comment 



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